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We are a fellowship of believers, formed and rooted in God's Word, following Jesus and  sharing His love for all people. 

We are members of the American Association of Lutheran Churches (AALC). 

Who We Are

A look at Faith Lutheran in pictures.

Bible Study Starts Weds.,        May 22 @ 7pm!

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We have only to look around us and see the decline of values, decency and morality in America today. What is behind it? unseen forces within our culture, our government and our institutions are driving America to the brink of chaos and anarchy. Join us for an insight into the current events unfolding around us-not happenstance, chance or random events, but rather, a concentrated effort to destroy the Christian influence in our nation and drive us to the dark age of paganism. Think it can't happen? think again. Join us for answers on what is going on, who is behind it, and what the future has in store for us and the world when America descends into darkness in the coming weeks and months. 

Refreshments  available

What We Believe

We are a Confessional Lutheran Church

The Lutheran Confessions are the true and accurate summary of the Holy Scriptures. Many churches say they believe in the Bible. But whose interpretation of the Bible?  Jesus taught the disciples. The Disciples became the Apostles after the Ascension of Christ into Heaven. The Apostles instructed the Church Fathers, who wrote thousands of pages of documents, books, and taught about what they had learned. Names like Augustine, Jerome, Clement  and others. 

That apostolic teaching was passed down to the Reformers: Luther, Melanchthon, and Chemnitz, among others. It was that teaching that brought the church back from the error of its ways in the middle ages. 

A confessional church holds to the teachings in the Book of Concord because (Quia) it is the true exposition of Scripture; Non-confessional churches hold to a Quantenus (Insofar as) subscription which means: "We believe in the confessions insofar as there is no conflict with scripture, in which case, we will hold with scripture". Sounds good, doesn't it?  What this really means is this: We believe some parts of the Bible, because it suits our world-view, or meets with public approval, etc. But other parts, which are inconvenient or un-popular, with the modern culture we will disregard. 

You see, quite simply, Faith Lutheran believes in the whole Bible, not just parts of it. 

Our Mission

Bringing Light and Love to Those in Need

At Faith Lutheran Church, we are dedicated to serving the community with love, compassion, and unwavering support. Our mission is to uplift and empower individuals and families through faith and service.

4 Different Sundays of Worship, All Uplifting         and Inspiring  !

Whatever your style-High Church, Low Church, or just wanting to know what God has in store for your life, we have something for everyone!

1st Sundays and Feast Days

Traditional Liturgy and Hymns, renewed sense of joy and reverence!

2nd Sundays

Relaxed, family-friendly, casual  atmosphere with Children's Time and a good helping of God's Word for us today!

3rd Sundays

Alternative Liturgy, a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary upbeat music and Children's Time. 

4th Sundays

Relaxed, family-friendly, casual  atmosphere with Children's Time and a good helping of God's Word for us today!

Join Our Community

Experience the Power of Faith and Service

Become a part of our vibrant, active and compassionate community and discover the transformative impact of love and support. Reach out today to learn more about our programs and services.

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