Greetings and Blessings to you!

Welcome to our website! First, let me say that we are here to serve the Lord and serve the community!

I believe worship should not be about being entertained, but about actively participating in worship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

Did you know that the word 'Liturgy' is a Greek word that means,  'Work of the People'? 

That means worship is to be vibrant, active and pleasing to God! 

Worship is not meant to be stale, rote or ritual, but rather it is about a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus! 

He comes to us in His Word, and in the earthly elements of Bread and Wine in the Lord's Supper; He comes to us in the Water of Baptism, where we are given the forgiveness of sins. 

What a gift! And the best part is, we didn't have to earn it! We didn't have to pay for it! 

It was given solely by God's grace through Christ! 


There are many ways to worship. There are many ways to do liturgy. Some ways have been around for thousands of years, some are fairly recent. 

But here's the thing-If you think that liturgy is old and stale, maybe the problem isn't the worship style, maybe it's a heart problem. 

Sometimes our hearts can become hardened, and we can make the mistake of thinking that 'New' is always better. 

At Faith Lutheran, we think that worship is not a matter of style-it is a matter of substance. 

Do you want to attend a worship that is all about you, where the focus is your entertainment and meeting some perceived need? 

An hour after that kind of worship is over, like it or not, you are right back where you were before.

 Not so with authentic, heartfelt worship that centers on God's plan for your life and the strengthening of your faith. 

When you attend a worship, you should be able to take something with you to meet the challenges ahead in the coming week  that you are sure to face.

We offer mid-week Bible-Studies and focus groups for veterans having trouble adjusting to  life after the armed services. 

I know what it can be like. I served our country in the United States Marine Corps as a section leader in a weapons platoon back in 1975 as part of a Rifle Company.  After the Marines, I entered the Army and rose to the rank of Platoon Sgt (E-7) and during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, was assigned to a Battalion Tactical Operations Center (TOC) as a Master Sgt. (E-8) at Ft. Irwin, CA. in an Air Assault Battalion. 

I also was a Correctional Officer and Extradition Officer for the State of California Dept. of Corrections. So I have an understanding of what our law enforcement officers have to deal with, and the strain the families are under.  

Counseling services for families, Veterans & First-Responders  are just some of the things we do. 

The most important thing we do is share the love of Jesus Christ with others.  





Pastor Scott Bieker

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